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Boston Herald (Sep 15, 2008)

Post Independent (Sep 24, 2008)

Aspen Daily News (Sep 19, 2008)

“Heart-wrenching and inspiring”

Boston Globe

“An Independent Spirit Award-Truer Than Fiction nominee for his debut, Metzgar has now completed yet another transcendent, incredibly moving piece of cinema with his sophomore effort, Life.Support.Music. His work ethic may be DIY (he produces, directs, shoots, and edits his films), but his aesthetic is the best of what modern cinema can offer us—finding inspiration in the unlikeliest of places, masterful storytelling, and gorgeous cinematography.”
Shooting People

“Of those films making their premieres [at Full Frame], perhaps the best received was Eric Daniel Metzgar’s Life. Support. Music., a lyrical and emotional portrait of a family dealing with a devastating illness and subsequent recovery. Skillfully edited with remarkable restraint, Life.Support.Music. transcends one’s perceptions of medicine, music and even miracles.
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“(*****FIVE STARS) Metzgar’s documentary forces you to consider what makes you you, as well as what makes life worth living…a fabulous documentary about common people unwilling to concede defeat when it comes to someone they love, and an individual who overcomes the impossible.”

“Metzgar’s empathic voice, literally as narrator and guide, and his camera’s uncanny presence in times of great emotional weight only enhance his talents as a visual storyteller and aesthetic magician. An engrossing, rewarding viewing experience that transcends music docs and medical dramas: it’s an inspiring vision of family, love, music, hope and life.”
MaineInternational Film Festival

“The film is a heart-wrenching yet uplifting look at one family’s determination in the face of hopelessness and despair.”
Washington City Paper

“Incredibly powerful”
VOX Magazine